Loudlings are built with utility in mind.

NFT Drops

Loudling holders will receive regular NFT drops from artists.


Loudlings will be tradable on Loud Market.

Virtual Concerts

Loudlings will act as tickets to virtual concerts.
Utilisation At its finest

Loudlings will be many things..

Till now, many NFTs have been created for reasons such as hype and have only been created as art and a picture in hopes they become valuable. Loudlings are built to be valuable. Only 10,000 born.

What can a Loudling do?

  • Loud Market music drops regularly from various artists released to all Loudling holders. Will be split amongst the Loudlings NFT holders.
  • Loud Market Metaverse (future) – Meta concerts, AMAs and events. Loudlings will give free access to exclusive holder events held in the future.
  • Loud Market Events – there will be live events in the future which holding loudlings will give access to attend.
  • Automatic Entry for future Merchandise, NFT and Lotteries hosted by Loud Market
  • Loudlings Exclusive AMAs with the team and artists
  • More to come

Powered by Loud Market

An Official Company With

Loud Market Ltd was incorporated in April 2021.

Since then, the design and development of the Loud Market platform has begun and is currently on the final stages before deployment of the main net.

Loudlings have been created to generate additional features and use cases for the Loud Market platform and also to increase the widespread awareness in cryosphere.

You can visit the official Loud Market website here

Obtain a Loudling

How to buy a Loudling

Metamask Extension

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Add Binance Smart Chain to Meta

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Add BNB (BEP-20) to Meta Wallet

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Mint Loudlings – Good Luck!

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